Who Killed Bill?

“Who Killed Bill?” poster

The Cleverality and Tinpot production; ‘WHO KILLED BILL?’, is a Radio Docu-Drama on the life and murder of William Desmond Taylor funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and airs on the National Radio station Newstalk 106-8FM on Saturday 12th May at 7 am and Sunday 13th May at 8 am GMT/UTC.

The radio programme will feature a dramatised reconstruction of events coupled with interviews from world authorities on the subject, including exclusive interviews with Hollywood Historians such as, Trinity College’s Dr. Ruth Barton, Bison Archives’ Marc Wannamaker, as well as, Oscar-winner and recognised world authority on silent cinema, Kevin Brownlow.

WHO KILLED BILL? is written and directed by Marc-Ivan O’Gorman and produced by Daryl Moorhouse.

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Review of ‘Who Killed Bill?’ & TAYLORFEST in The Guide



Actor, Susan Zelouf, Producer Daryl Moorhouse, Actor, Mags Macauliffe,
Research & Production Assistant, Jane Reynolds, Engineer, Danny Greene
and Actor, Dermot Magennis in Tinpot Studios, Ireland, for the recording of “WHO KILLED BILL?”

Kevin Brownlow – “Who Killed Bill?” Outtake

This is an out-take from the Drama-Documentary ‘Who Killed Bill?’. Here historian and Lifetime Achievement Oscar-winner, Kevin Brownlow, talks to writer-director, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman of Cleverality Productions, about silent-era movie director, William Desmond Taylor, and the speculation about actress Mary Miles Minter’s role in his death.

Behind the Scenes

The cast and crew recording radio docu-drama, ‘Who Killed Bill?’, in and around Tinpot Studios, Dublin. In the photos are;  Actors, Susan Zelouf, Mags Macauliffe, Dermot Magennis, Producer, Daryl Moorhouse, Writer-Director, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman, Research & Production Assistant, Jane Reynolds, and Engineer, Danny Greene.
Not included above are expert interviewees; Kevin Brownlow (Lifetime Achievement Oscar recipient 2010), Stephen Bendict (Lecturer NCAD), Ruth Barton (Lecturer TCD), Marc Wannamaker (Curator of Bison Archives) and actors: Roger Gregg, Bob Barnes, Chris Kent, Kris Edlund & Bruce Barker. 

4 responses to “Who Killed Bill?

  1. Brian Chase ⋅

    When will be able to hear the radio play sounds exciting?!?!

  2. Cleverality ⋅

    Hi Brian. Coincidentally, we’ve just got confirmation of the airing date so you are officially the first to know. The show will air nationwide in Ireland on Newstalk Radio on May 12 & 13, 2012 (the weekend before Taylorfest) and will be available worldwide as a podcast on their web site from then on. Thanks for your interest and please ‘Like’ our FB page below. Cheers.

  3. I would love to review this film for my work on Examiner.com – please let me know what I need to do to require a screener.

    Thanks so much!
    Kay Shackleton

  4. Cleverality ⋅

    Hi Kay. ‘Who Killed Bill’ is in fact a radio play (well docu-drama, as the drama is interspersed with interviews with Historians and Hollywood experts) produced in the style of a 1920s news report. We think it’s a really exciting project and would love you to review it.

    We have plans, however, to produce a film on the story in the near future. But like everything else this is dependent on funding. We’ll post updates about it here, on our FB page or via Twitter.

    Thanks so much for your interest.

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