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One response to “TAYLORFEST, Carlow 20-21 Sept.

  1. Filmbell

    And hello to the website “Who Killed Bill?” I assure you, once again, I did not do it. But we, at Filmbell LLC (Los Angeles), are content to leave this judgment to each of you.

    In this regard, perhaps even to assist in your solution to this mystery, Filmbell and Charlotte wished to post this message, prior to your annual gathering in September 2013.

    “Annotated Synopsis of TWISTED BY KNAVES,” a revelation and examination of the legendary autobiographical novel by Mrs. Charlottte Shelby–edited, and vividly annotated, by Douglas Andrew Bell–is currently online. The work is available at, via the password “1922.”

    Enjoy our Filmbell presentation. Best wishes to Taylorfest, and to Carlow.

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