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Behind the Scenes of ‘Who Killed Bill?’

The cast and crew recording radio docu-drama, ‘Who Killed Bill?’, in and around Tinpot Studios, Dublin. In the photos are;  Actors; Susan Zelouf, Mags Macauliffe, Dermot Magennis, Producer, Daryl Moorhouse, Writer-Director, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman, Research & Production Assistant, Jane Reynolds, and Engineer, Danny Greene.

Not included above are expert interviewees; Kevin Brownlow (Lifetime Achievement Oscar recipient 2010), Stephen Bendict (Lecturer NCAD), Ruth Barton (Lecturer TCD), Marc Wannamaker (Curator of Bison Archives) and actors: Roger Gregg, Bob Barnes, Chris Kent, Kris Edlund & Bruce Barker.

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